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Great Shampoos for Pets with skin problems

All dog owners want their beloved dogs to have the best health that they can have.  Some would even spend a lot of money just for them to give the best for their dogs.  One of the important things that dog owners should look at is the dog shampoo that they use.  This is especially true if you are looking for a medicated dog shampoo, perhaps to treat skin problems. Some dog owners just use the cheapest or the first shampoo that they can grab.  This should not be the case because the overall health of the dogs also depends on the medicated dog shampoo.  So what is the best type of pet shampoos that owners should buy?

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When dealing with the best type of dog shampoo, there are many things that you should consider before you buy to treat  hot spots. There are all-natural shampoos and medicated shampoos.  All-natural dog shampoos don’t mean that they’re the best because there are dogs with special needs and they need to be medicated.  There are also different types of shampoos depending on the skin type and the type of hot spots on the dog.  The best type of medicated shampoo for dogs is the one that can maintain a shiny coat because this means that your dog is healthy.  So the first thing that you should consider is the skin type of your dog.  Just like humans, dogs can have dry, oily, or normal skin.  Buy a oatmeal based shampoo with a balanced pH for your dog’s skin.  A shampoo that is not water-based is also one of the best because water tends to dry the skin and can worsen the dog hot spot. Aloe-Vera is commonly used in shampoos in replacing water to give the dogs a healthy skin.

Dogs also have special needs when it comes to their coat and skin.  There are some deficiencies that dogs can have like zinc deficiency causing dogs hot spots.  This is the reason why some dogs have dull coat, bacteria growth, flaking, and itching.  With the skin problems mentioned above, your dog should have proper medication.  There are shampoos that supply zinc to the skin to regain the shiny coat and give a healthy skin for the dogs.  Zinc is known for killing bacteria that causes skin infections and one of the best odor absorber.  So if you’re going to buy a shampoo for your dog, choose the one that provides zinc.

The shampoo that your dog needs should also moisturize not only the hair but also the skin and the shaft.  This is to ensure that your dog’s coat will be well-maintained.  A shampoo that moisturizes skin not only maintains a healthy skin but also helps in repairing damages caused by illnesses or deficiencies.  It also reduces the itch that the dogs experience so as not to further damage the skin cells.  As for the hair itself, moisturizing shampoo will maintain its softness.

So the best type of shampoo is the one that moisturizes, repairs skin damages, prevents bacteria, and with the correct pH balance for the skin.  This will ensure that your dog will have healthy looking coat and also no more infections and sores.  Your dog can now say goodbye to itchiness and flakes.

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hot spots on dogs treated with a medicated dog shampoo

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