Is Zinc-PCA for Good for Dog Mange

Zinc PCA and Dogs

Zinc is a trace element  living inside a dog’s body (humans as well), and is needed for healthy immune functions, skin health, and reproductive functions, to name a few.  Zinc is known to be on of the most common needed trace elements that the majority of dog’s are deficient in.  With low amounts of zinc in a dog,  the immune system of the skin and coat is greatly weakened and infections such as mange, scabies, severe hot spots and yeast infections are very common.   One obvious sign that a dog’s skin is lacking zinc is when mange or scabies infest the skin.

Why use  form of Zinc PCA for dogs and pets?

There are many types of Zinc available, by far the most effective for skin problems on canines and humans is the PCA form.  The PCA form is Zinc salt of L-pyrrolidone carboxylic acid. It is most effective at improving skin defense capabilities and health when applied topically. It also inhibits the enzyme that catalyses the production of dihydroxytestosterone, a hormone that can foster mange infestation. Zinc PCA also helps ro mange the sebaceous gland activity. Lastly, yet very important with respect to mange Zinc PCA is a powerful yet safe antibacterial.

The less expensive, other forms of zinc will have some limited benefit, but not nearly as much as the pca type.  They will also require weeks of applications, where the zinc pca form will have almost immediate effects.

Zinc PCA for Dog Mange Works Great

Applying Zinc PCA directly to the skin via shampoo or cream is effective against mange and mites

How to Apply Zinc PCA to a Dog’s Skin with Dog Mange

In the case of dog mange, it is best to apply zinc, in the form of zinc-pca directly to the skin, not via ingestion. The reason is that, while ingesting zinc is not a bad idea, it will take weeks for it to eventually benefit the skin. By applying via a cream or shampoo topically, the benefits will be immediate. Also, it is important to remember that when zinc is ingested, the proper amount must be administered as Zinc in high dosages can be dangerous for dogs.

Do not apply zinc-pca directly to the skin without a carrier, it is to strong if directly applied.  Look for a shampoo or cream with Zinc PCA as an ingredient.

We hope this article was informative and useful for you and your pets.

Why Does My Dog Look Nauseous?

Why Does My Pooch Look Sick?

Sometimes your companion will look nauseous, and there are several reasons for this. The first thing to do is look at the circumstances. If he has been playing outside in the hot-summer heat, he may have a mild case of heatstroke or be slightly dehydrated. This is very common in dogs with heavy coats. If this is the case, he might seem clumsy or lethargic, maybe even drooling or having a very dry mouth. Giving the pooch a bowl of cool water and letting him in the house as the first step in alleviating his fatigue.

Can Canines Get Carsickness?Dog with Head out Window

Dogs can also get carsick, just like people. In canines, carsickness usually starts with
drooling and dry heaves. If nauseous in the car, the veterinarian can prescribe medications that are a very safe and effective. Having him lie down while feeding him a dry biscuit will be more than calming. Some owners believe heavily tinting the car windows will lessen the nausea, though no studies have been conducted to support this alternative.

Watch For Posion

Those that have been outside might also have eaten something potentially toxic. If the pup vomits to expel anything he has eaten while outside, as unpleasant as it is, the owner should take a closer look at the substance. If it looks unlike common trash or matter, consult your veterinarian; your furry friend could be poisoned.

The Causes of Dog Hot Spots

The Causes of Dog Hot Spots

Many different breeds of dogs are vulnerable to a skin condition referred to as hot spots. Most hot spots can be traced to some type of allergic reaction. Upon having this reaction, it is common for your pet to chew, scratch,
and lick the sensitive area trying to relieve the pain and itch. Other causes of hot spots are reactions to bites from mites, fleas, and insects. A cut or scrape can lead to a hot spot inflammation. Shampoo, foods, and dry skin can also lead to the formation of dog hot spots.

Issues Associated with Hair Loss

Dogs that develop these hot spots usually have hair loss at the site. The hot spot may start out small and increase as the animal licks, chews, and bites the area. This will bring on pain, oozing, redness, and itchiness which will cause the dog to be agitated and irritable.

Pet owners have discovered that through organic treatments and preventions, that they help as much as costly visits to the veterinarian. One of the first suggestions, as you start treatment, would be to shave the affected area to reduce further inflammation. A delicate skin cleanser along with cool water is another tip. Green or black tea can be used as a wash or the tea bags may be used as compresses. An Elizabethan collar is helpful to prevent your pet from scratching or licking as the hot spots heal For more information on the skin disorders and irritations please reference Wikipedia. If you haven’t ruled out food allergies, you might want to try a hypo-allergenic food diet. You will also want to watch and make sure your flea shampoo and treatments aren’t contributing to the cause of hot spots. It also has been found that dogs that are stressed out or bored, from being inactive or not getting enough attention, may bring the hot spot lesions on themselves. Please make sure your pet gets enough attention and exercise.

Zinc, in the form of a cream, has been found useful in treating hot spots when applied 2 to 3 times a day. Also
vitamin supplements should be considered in helping the problem and making your dog healthier. Brushing and
grooming the healthy areas is known to help improve the animal’s immunity. There are great sites online that
can advise on treatment options and that sell great organic products.

Now, not only your family, but your dog can reap the benefits of going organic. Check out your organic options online for everything from vitamin supplements to treatment choices. You will have a healthier, happier dog.

How Enzymes Can help Control Dog Hair Loss

How Enzymes Can Help Control Dog Hair Loss

All dogs naturally shed hair in order to let a new coat grow in during the spring. Every dog sheds differently but it is known there is a way to prevent the heavy-shedding dogs from losing so much hair which can lead to dog hair loss and excessive cleaning.

Special enzymes can be given to prevent dog hair loss. These supplements helps regulate the dog’s intestinal tract so it has the proper nutrition to homeopathically reduce dog hair loss. Additionally, these enzyme allow a dog to correct its inability to assimilate nutrients well. Dog shedding and hair loss is typically caused by improper nutrient absorption which leads to a variety of illnesses. Enzymes for dog shedding contain a variety of ingredients and includes protease, amylase, seaweed kelp, zinc, cellause, hemicellulase, lipase, papin, omega 3, omega 6, bromelain, pectinase, maltodextrin, and beta-glucanase which can help build a strong foundation for the future hair follicles. Within a month, there should be a noticeable difference in the quality of the dog’s hair, shine, and luster when using enzymes to treat hair loss.

Enzymes can improve your pets skin and hair follicles.

Enzymes can also improve the quality of the pet’s skin and hair follicles by providing it with the right conditions to grow. Another great way to prevent dog hair loss is to use a special de-shedding shampoo and conditioner that will reduce dog shedding and leave your dog’s coat looking beautiful. Shampoos revitalize the dog’s skin and hair by infusing oils and zinc into the roots and coat. After a couple of washes, a dog’s coat will be much fresher, healthier, and smell better and there will be less dog shedding.

There are often times that physical ailments may cause excessive hair loss. These situations include infections, cancer, infections, and mange. Excessive hair loss will cause bald spots which are not considered normal. If this is occurring with your dog, it is recommended to the animal to a veterinarian to get a check up.

Furthermore, brushing a dog’s coat will prevent shedding from occurring around the home as much. It is easy to do and will help reduce the amount of dog shedding hair that will be found around the home. Dog shedding can be easily controlled as long you brush it often as part of the dog’s grooming.

Beta Glucan Heath benefits for Cancer Canine

Both dogs and humans can benefit from Beta Glucan Supplements

Health related issues such as Cancer is very common in both canines and people. More than ever all natural, non prescrpition medications are showing good promise at treating these cancer conditions. One such product that has shown great promise is Beta Glucan as it is shown great results and recommended by Bill Henderson. Actually as a natural supplement it has had great success in treating cancer in both men and women.

Immune System Support and benefits of beta glucan supplements

From a Pharmacology perspective beta glucan is a reticuloendothelial element under which its immunobiological supports improved recovery and relief to the immune system. Beta helps the immune system and supports a stronger immune system as it helps to kill and counter cancer causing cells in the body and specific organs. For more information be sure to read the Bill Henderson’s book on cancer and immune system natural remedies. While is focuses on humans, many of these topics also pertain to dogs and pets.

Cancer Cells and Traditional Treatment Options

treating cancer naturally with beta glucans supplements from transfer point

While traditional treatment choices are still needed and have great success, and continued success at curing cancer, supplementing these traditional cancer cures, beta glucan goes a long way has shown great progress at improving survival rates and cures.

Success Rates with Beta and Improved Health

Wrapping up these discussions it is important to remember that there are many benefits of beta glucan. As far as the best type of beta, we recommend using Transfer Point Beta Glucan as it is manufactured to high medical standards and in our view is the best choice

Natural Treat for Dog Seizures

Treating Seizures in Dogs Naturally

There are medications available today to treat epilepsy and seizures in dogs, though they should always be used in accordance with the advise of a veterinarian. Many people are searching for natural methods of treating dog seizures. This is in part due to the fact that natural medication comes with no side effects – this alone is a good reason for owners who love their dogs to choose these alternatives. However, true epilepsy in dogs cannot be removed through natural means. Ask a qualified veterinarian to test the dog to verify the cause of its seizures. Many veterinarians like Jill Muller DVM recommend natural treatment for epilepsy in dogs!

Some pets get seizures when they play on a lawn which has been treated with poisonous pesticides and other diseases which affect glands. If your pet has a calcium deficiency caused by a poor diet, this too can trigger seizures in dogs. Home treatments can help your pet regain lost nutrients.

Epilepsy and Dog Seizures Can Be Managed and Treated Natrrally

There are several natural ways to treat dog seizures. One method uses magnesium supplements. Giving your pet magnesium supplements can help reduce seizures. A veterinarian should be consulted as to the correct dosage for the dog. Uncooked virgin coconut oil can also be extremely beneficial when added to the pet’s food. Homeopathic remedies may also be used, though care should be exercised when using them. They must be introduced in small increments. In this treatment process, vegetables and minerals are used to provoke a response in your pet’s system. Advice from a qualified homeopathic veterinarian should be sought after for this treatment in order to assure that no harm comes to the pet.

Finding the underlying cause of the dogs seizure is important. Treating the pet using herbs can be effective, yet risky. Herbal remedies should never be given just because they are safe for humans. Some herbs can actually kill the pet, and if the animal has existing health problems with its internal organs, the remedies can do irreparable harm. Be sure to consult a qualified herbalist before treating the pet at home. This will ensure that the pet receives the right treatment. Acupuncture is gaining popularity for pets as well as humans. This method can be used to ease epilepsy in dogs. The pet will not feel any pain, and the veterinarian can assist in the process. Pets can be effectively treated for seizures in dogs through acupuncture.

epilepsy in canines

Dog Hot Spots Belly

Why Do Dogs Develop Hot Spots On Their Belly?

There are many things that can cause flea bites causing hot spots on your petsbelly. In most cases, they occur when your pet scratches and bites its skin. When your dog does this excessively, it leads to the infection which causes dog hot spots. This skin problem is common in dogs and requires quick treatment. This ensures that you prevent too much pain on your pet which occurs when the hot spots are left to spread.

Here are some causes of fleas and tick bites:

Fleas: It is easy for your pet to get fleas on its tummy. As it crawls on the carpet and outside on the lawn, fleas can enter in its fur and cause itching on the skin when they bite. They cause a lot of irritations which makes your pet bite and scratch until sores develop on the skin.

How to best wash and treat tick bites on pets

You should make sure that you clean your pet thoroughly. Wash and brush its fur regularly and fleas will not cause dog tick bite shampoo on your pet’s skin.
Allergies: Some pets are affected by certain allergies which occur seasonally. Plants which produce pollen can cause irritation on your pet’s skin when it reacts to the allergy. In most cases, irritation occurs on the belly and legs of your pet. This can make your pet get hot spots especially if you do not treat the rash which occurs initially.

Dermatitis: Some of the detergents which you use to clean your pet’s bedding can cause skin reactions. This can affect the belly of the dog in most cases. Cleaners used in carpets can also cause irritation on your pet’s stomach whet it lays on it. This causes dermatitis which leads to painful hot spots on your pet’s tummy. Fertilizers used on the lawn are also capable of causing your pet irritation. You should not allow your pet to play or sit on the lawn that has just had fertilizers added to it.
water spanie with flea and tick bites

Infections: When your pet’s skin gets infected, it may develop rashes which are usually itchy. They may be caused by bacteria or yeast infections. Such will make your pet scratch and bite on its skin. If you do not seek treatment for the infections, they spread fast and cause hot spots on your pet’s skin. The stomach is affected by such bacteria and causes much pain.

Treating the hot spots is easy. You should make sure that you get to know the cause of the dogs hot spots on the dog’s skin. This can help you eliminate them completely. If it is caused by fleas, you should use good pesticides to eliminate the pests. You can use natural treatments to cure the flea and tick bite that cause skin problems like hot spots and mange. There are also medications available to help you ease the pain caused by the disease. You should consult a vet who can give you proper advice and help treat the infections before they spread fast on the skin. This can save your pet the agony which comes with the painful wounds.

Best Dog Shampoo

Great Shampoos for Pets with skin problems

All dog owners want their beloved dogs to have the best health that they can have.  Some would even spend a lot of money just for them to give the best for their dogs.  One of the important things that dog owners should look at is the dog shampoo that they use.  This is especially true if you are looking for a medicated dog shampoo, perhaps to treat skin problems. Some dog owners just use the cheapest or the first shampoo that they can grab.  This should not be the case because the overall health of the dogs also depends on the medicated dog shampoo.  So what is the best type of pet shampoos that owners should buy?

large dog with a hot spot on paw
When dealing with the best type of dog shampoo, there are many things that you should consider before you buy to treat  hot spots. There are all-natural shampoos and medicated shampoos.  All-natural dog shampoos don’t mean that they’re the best because there are dogs with special needs and they need to be medicated.  There are also different types of shampoos depending on the skin type and the type of hot spots on the dog.  The best type of medicated shampoo for dogs is the one that can maintain a shiny coat because this means that your dog is healthy.  So the first thing that you should consider is the skin type of your dog.  Just like humans, dogs can have dry, oily, or normal skin.  Buy a oatmeal based shampoo with a balanced pH for your dog’s skin.  A shampoo that is not water-based is also one of the best because water tends to dry the skin and can worsen the dog hot spot. Aloe-Vera is commonly used in shampoos in replacing water to give the dogs a healthy skin.

Dogs also have special needs when it comes to their coat and skin.  There are some deficiencies that dogs can have like zinc deficiency causing dogs hot spots.  This is the reason why some dogs have dull coat, bacteria growth, flaking, and itching.  With the skin problems mentioned above, your dog should have proper medication.  There are shampoos that supply zinc to the skin to regain the shiny coat and give a healthy skin for the dogs.  Zinc is known for killing bacteria that causes skin infections and one of the best odor absorber.  So if you’re going to buy a shampoo for your dog, choose the one that provides zinc.

The shampoo that your dog needs should also moisturize not only the hair but also the skin and the shaft.  This is to ensure that your dog’s coat will be well-maintained.  A shampoo that moisturizes skin not only maintains a healthy skin but also helps in repairing damages caused by illnesses or deficiencies.  It also reduces the itch that the dogs experience so as not to further damage the skin cells.  As for the hair itself, moisturizing shampoo will maintain its softness.

So the best type of shampoo is the one that moisturizes, repairs skin damages, prevents bacteria, and with the correct pH balance for the skin.  This will ensure that your dog will have healthy looking coat and also no more infections and sores.  Your dog can now say goodbye to itchiness and flakes.

hot spots on dogs shampoo

hot spots on dogs treated with a medicated dog shampoo